Monday, November 8, 2010

PALEA welcomes labor unity for regular jobs

November 8, 2010

PAL workers warmly welcome the unity of different even rival labor groups in support of PALEA’s fight for job security. Above all we enthusiastically embrace the labor solidarity for regular jobs that has been inspired by the struggle of PAL employees against contractualization.

This labor unity for regular jobs is proof of the clear and present danger posed by the decision of Labor Secretary Rosalinda Baldoz that gives the green light for PAL to layoff some 3,000 employees.

Moreover this labor solidarity is an expression that PALEA’s fight for regular jobs goes beyond the interests of PAL employees but involves as well the welfare of all workers.

Contractualization is an epidemic that is ravaging the wages and working conditions of Filipino workers. The Philippines will be a much poorer country if we become a nation of contractuals.

This will not be a country fit for our children if no one will enjoy the dignity of a regular job. A regular job that provides decent wages, substantial benefits, security of tenure and the protection of a union should be the Filipino way of life.

Mga kapwa naming manggagawa: Oras na para manindigan. Panahon na para kumilos. Ito na ang sandali para magkaisa.

We call on the government to take notice of this historic solidarity of the full spectrum of the labor movement to defend regular jobs and to fight labor contractualization.

There is enough time for Congress to legislate measures to address the demand for job security and plug the loopholes of the law used and abused by employers.

Finally it is not too late for Malacanang to reverse the controversial Baldoz ruling and make good on its promise of change.

The labor movement at this moment stands as one body and speaks with one voice in support of PALEA’s demand for job security. Today the workers movement unites to defend the oldest union in the country. Tomorrow the labor movement will once again come together to fight for the rights and welfare of all workers.

An injury to one is an injury to all. All for one. One for all.

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