Sunday, April 23, 2017

Advisory: Workers rally @ Ayala in response to DOLE inspection of PAL, PLDT

23 April 2017
Contact: Bong Palad @ 09165740596


March from Makati Fire Station to PAL/Allied Bank along Ayala

WED,   26 APRIL 2017    4:00 PM

Members of various labor groups such as Philippine Airlines Employees Association (PALEA), Partido Manggagawa, Manggagawa ng Komunikasyon sa Pilipinas (MKP-PLDT union) are leading the rally to call for the reinstatement of some 600 outsourced PAL employees and the end to contractualization in companies.
This is in response to the statement of the DOLE last Wednesday that as per the initial findings of their inspection, PAL and PLDT contracual workers are suffering violations of labor and safety standards and are actually doing the job of regular workers.
In the inspections done on PAL and PAL Express, representatives of PALEA joined DOLE labor inspectors.
The rally is also a buildup to the big workers rally on May 1.

Monday, April 17, 2017

Mga lehitimong applikante ng NHA housing sa Bulacan, nagrali para aprubahan ang kanilang aplikasyon na nakabinbin mula pa noong 2015

Mahigit 500 lehitimong aplikante ng programang pabahay ng National Housing Authority (NHA) sa Bulacan ang nagrali ngayon sa tanggapan ng NHA sa Balagtas, Bulacan upang hilingin na aprubahan na ang kanilang aplikasyon na nakabinbin sa ahensya mula pa noong Abril 2015.

Ayon kay Ver Estorosas, tagapagsalita ng Partido Manggagawa (PM) sa Bulacan, dumaan sa tamang proseso ang mga residente ng Bulacan na nasa mga danger zone at may mga banta ng demolisyon para makakuha ng slot sa programang pabahay ng NHA sa Bulacan pero hanggang ngayon, ang naturang aplikasyon ay hindi pa naaksyuan.

Abril 7, 2015 pa umano nagpadala ng endorsement letter sa NHA-Central Luzon ang tanggapan ni Bulacan Gov. Wilhelmino Alvarado para sa 100 pamilya na inilapit ng PM sa provincial government para sa programang pabahay.  Nasundan ito ng panibagong endorsement letter ng Gobernador para sa panibagong aplikante na 325. Natanggap ang nasabing mga liham ni Efren Dinglasan ng NHA pero nagsabi ito na unahin muna ang aplikasyon ng unang 100.

Noong July 15, 2015, nagkaroon ng dayalogo sa tanggapan ng Gobernador na dinaluhan mismo ng gobernador, at mga kinatawan ng NHA, PM at mga lider ng maralita at dito ay nagkasundo na bigyan ng slots o yunit ang mga nakatira sa danger zones ng Bulacan at agad na mailipat ang unang 100. Sa katunayan ay binigyan na sila ng application forms ng NHA para masimulan na ang proseso.

Ayon kay Estorosas, nasundan pa ito ng ilang pag-uusap hanggang sa inabutan na ito ng eleksyon at pag-upo ng bagong administrasyon.

Hinihiling ngayon g grupo na aprubahan na ang naturang mga aplikasyon dahil bukod sa dumaan ito sa tamang proseso, available at nabubulok na nga ahalos ng mga nakatiwangwang na pabahay sa Bulacan, katulad ng binabanggit ng grupong Kadamay na nagsagawa ng kampanyang okupasyon noong nakaraang buwan.

Dagdag pa ng PM-Bulacan, dapat na ring buksan ang iba pang proyektong pabahay ng NHA sa lalawigan para sa mga lehitimong aplikante kaysa mag-antay na mabulok na lamang ang mga ito ng tuluyan na hindi nalilipatan ng mga totoong benepisyaryo kung meron man.

Nagdududa ang grupo na kaya nakatiwangwang ang libu-libong pabahay ng NHA sa Bulacan ay dahil ayaw itong lipatan ng mga nakatalagang benepisyaryo mula sa Kamaynilaan, walang serbisyo ng tubig at kuryente, at ang malala ay baka umano ginagawang negosyo ng mga opisyal ng ahensya.

Umaasa ang grupo na ang kampanyang isinagawa ng Kadamay ay magbukas ng daan upang ang mga bakanteng pabahay ng NHA sa lalawigan ay mapakinabangan ng mas marami, lalo na ang mga lehitimong aplikante na matagal nang naghihintay na ang kanilang mga aplikasyon ay maaksyunan. Kailangan din umanong repormahin ang sistemang ito para matiyak na ang programang pabahay ay may kasabay na esensyal na serbisyo tulad ng tubig at kuryente.

Nagpahayag din ang grupo na dadalhin din nila ang kanilang hinaing sa Malacanang sakaling hindi aksyunan ng NHA sa Bulacan ang kanilang kahilingan.

17 April 2017

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Advisory: Hundreds of Bulacan informal settlers to press NHA on housing applications

17 April 2017
Contact: Ver Estorosas


NHA Office, McArthur Highway Balagtas, Bulacan
(near Balagtas market)

TODAY,   17 APRIL 2017    10:00 AM

Some 500 legitimate applicants for housing project in Balagtas Bulacan will press for the approval of their pending applications before the National Housing Authority (NHA).
Their applications, which were accompanied by official endorsements from the Provincial Government, have been pending before the NHA since 2015 but no single application has been processed until now.
The residents complain that bureaucratic gridlock, corruption and downright neglect for legitimate applicants and beneficiaries were the main causes why thousands of housing units in Bulacan remain unoccupied and were left deteriorating into condemned state. 
The occupation campaign organized by members of Kadamay last month has effectively exposed the sad state of the government’s housing program under NHA.

The protesters will demand that their pending applications be finally approved and all idle housing projects be awarded to legitimate and willing applicants, including the homeless people in Bulacan.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

FOA issue at Tesco supplier in Philippines

Photo from Sein Together website

Workers of a garments factory in the biggest export zone in the Philippines are calling on apparel brands to uphold their code of conduct as they face harassment and interference in the exercise of the freedom of association. Among the major customers of the factory is Tesco of UK.

A union has been formed by workers of Sein Together International Philippines Inc., a subsidiary of the Korean garments firm Sein Together ( However, they now face the challenge of management interference in their right to organize.

Union leaders have all been transferred to one production line about a month ago to separate them from the rest of the workers. The company also called for a meeting of its workers where an employee was allowed to speak against forming a union. The factory has been shutdown for more than a week now and will reopen later this month except for the line where the union leaders are located. Management has not announced when that line will be back in production.

The union demands a stop to the harassment, the transfer of union officers to their former production lines, the reopening of the factory as soon as possible and the immediate reemployment of unionists once it operates again.

The union has filed a complaint about unfair labor practice (a labor law term meaning violations of freedom of association) at the Labor Department and a hearing was held yesterday. In the mediation meeting yesterday, the company denied the charge of unfair labor practice but was called to task by the government mediator for convening an anti-union meeting.

The company said that the temporary shutdown was due to lack of orders. Management requested and the union agreed that negotiations be held on April 21 at the plant-level (without government mediation) to address the issue of reopening. The factory will partially reopen on April 20 according to management.

Tesco is a member of the Ethical Trading Initiative which commits to uphold freedom of association in its supply chain. Aside from Tesco, Sein Together Phils. also supplies to Home Plus of Korea (which was formerly owned by Tesco) and Korean apparel brands Jisoo, Hue to Go, Daiz and Jaju.

Monday, April 3, 2017

Labor group urges DOLE to prove whether new rules effective for SM group, other giants

Is the new DOLE Order effective or defective in stopping the epidemic of contractualization?  This question was raised by Partido Manggagawa (PM) in a picket-rally held at the Manila branch of SM Monday as Department Order No. 174 is expected to take effect beginning this week.

It can be recalled that the SM group, through its investor relations chief, Cora Guidote, did not seem to worry about the new rules saying it has no impact to the group. “Nothing has changed as far as SM is concerned. No impact to the group,” said Guidote in recent media interview.
PM is one of the labor groups under the Nagkaisa coalition which rejected D.O. 174 when it was issued on March 16, 2017 as it allows agency hiring to continue despite opposition from the labor movement and the pledge made by the President.

“SM Manila is just a stone's throw away from DOLE so its officials, therefore, need not go far other places to prove the usefulness of D.O 174.  The regularization of SM’s entire workforce is a big thing to watch in our continuing fight against contractualization,” said PM Secretary General, Judy Ann Miranda.

Labor groups were making the SM group and other giant companies like PAL the showcase in its continuing campaign against contractualization.  According to estimates, the SM group has at least 90,000 workforce nationwide and it is public knowledge that much of those working in malls as sales ladies, cahiers and dicers work as contractuals. As of late it has only regularized some 4,000 according to DOLE.

According to Miranda, Secretary Bello in countless interviews had always referred to sales ladies as workers who perform ‘necessary and desirable’ jobs that are not allowed to be contracted under the rules. But SM justifies its big number of contractuals as seasonal workers which is allowed under the Labor Code.

Agency hires abound in the service sector but this practice is more pronounced in big companies like malls, hotels and restaurants rather than in small scale enterprises.  About 30% of total workforce in establishments with 20 workers and above is considered ‘non-regular’, according to the latest survey conducted by the Philippine Statistics Authority.  An independent study by Center for Women’s Resources (CWR) showed 80-85% of workers in 11 branches of SM in NCR are contractuals. 

“SM should not be allowed to continue hiding their contractual workers under the wrap of different seasons. That is fraudulent. And if D.O. 174 becomes benign to SM, PAL and other giant companies, then the new policy will be a complete failure,” concluded Miranda.

PM also points to export zones as notorious hubs of contractualization where DOLE has been a failure for decades.

April 3, 2017

Friday, March 17, 2017

Contractualization will proliferate under new DOLE order--PM

The militant labor group Partido Manggagawa (PM) asserted that contractualization is allowed and will continue to proliferate under the new Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) order named DO 174 issued yesterday.

“News that DO 174 prohibits contractualization is fake! What prohibition? What total ban? DO 174 merely reiterates the bans already provided for in the old DO 18-A. Everything old is presented as new again,” declared Wilson Fortaleza, PM spokesperson.

Members of PM, the union PALEA and other groups under the coalition Nagkaisa held a rally yesterday at the DOLE while the DO 174 was being announced by DOLE Secretary Silvestre Bello. More protests are planned nationwide as a result of labor’s rejection of DO 174. Today in Cebu City, workers are holding a mass action to coincide with a House Labor Committee hearing.

Fortaleza explained that “Bello is acting like Pontius Pilate by passing the ball to Congress on prohibiting all forms of contractualization. The Labor Secretary is vested by Article 106 of the Labor Code with the power to prohibit or restrict labor contracting. Why does he not want exercise this authority to prohibit? Given the irreconcilable positions between employers and workers, why does he side with the capitalists?”

“We want Bello to go. Bello’s order contradicts the President’s directive during the labor dialogue to end contractualization and agency hiring,” Fortaleza said. Labor leaders had a dialogue with President Rodrigo Duterte last February 27 at Malacanang and the latter acceded to the demand to prohibit all forms of contractualization.

“DO 18-A was issued in late 2011 in the wake of PALEA’s resistance to the contractualization scheme at Philippine Airlines. Since D0 18-A merely regulated not prohibited contractualization, the problem of endo has gone from bad to worse over the past five years. With DO 18-A rehashed as DO 174, contractualization will only get worst in the years to come,” Fortaleza extrapolated.

He insisted that “Under DO 174, replacement of regular workers with contractual workers will continue. Agency rather direct hiring will be the norm. Manpower agencies will remain as middleman between principal employers and workers. As lifetime agency employees, the best workers can hope for is a minimum wage while principal employers reap the fruits of labor productivity."

March 17, 2017

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Advisory: Workers rally today as new DOLE order to be issued

Media Advisory
Partido Manggagawa
Contact Judy Ann Miranda
@ 09228677522, 

New DOLE order issued today:

Today, March 16, 2017
10:00 am at DOLE Intramuros

Labor Sec. Silvestre Bello is announcing this morning the new DOLE order on contractualization. Members of Partido Manggagawa and the union PALEA are returning to the DOLE main office today in time for the announcement. 

The workers rally is part of the series of actions by constituent organizations of the labor coalition Nagkaisa to demand that DOLE issue an order to prohibit contractualization as promised by President Duterte. Today is the 16th day since the dialogue between labor groups and President Duterte.

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Labor group urges MIAA employee, manager to sue Cam using PAL employee case as precedent

Sandra Cam’s impending appointment to the President’s cabinet should not only be reconsidered, the dignity of both the MIAA employee and her manager should likewise be restored, according to labor group Partido Manggagawa (PM).

Cam reportedly made a show by threatening people, dropping names and arrogating imminent power at the airport’s VIP lounge, particularly against a MIAA employee and his/her manager.

“If accounts in news reports were true, then the injured parties particularly the MIAA employee and the manager should file appropriate charges against this narcissistic whistle-blower,” said PM Secretary General, Judy Ann Miranda.
Miranda added: “Workers are trained to abide with established protocols in the workplace. They were not hired to suffer indignity from powers-that-be or worse, from a VIP wannabe.”

PM disclosed that last February, a member of the Philippine Airlines Employees Association, Ms. Sarah-Bonnin Ocampo won a favorable settlement of a case of slander and serious misconduct against former AVE Partylist Rep. Eulogio Magsaysay.  The ex-congressman was forced to make a formal apology as resolution of the case with Ocampo before a municipal trial court in Pasay.
The case stemmed from a 2011 incident where Ocampo, PAL’s customer representative during that time at the check-in counter, was berated and offensively called a ‘menopausal bitch’ by the congressman after she refused to grant the latter’s request based on company protocols.

PM welcomed the settlement as a victory for labor and women's rights and a cause for celebration during the obeservance of women's month. "Even more, this resolution sets a precendent and warning against erring government officials or abusive customers against verbally abusing workers who are just doing their job," Miranda explained.

For others the Magsaysay-Ocampo case was ‘too small a thing’ to warrant court action or public attention. But for women activists in the labor movement, any misuse or abuse of power which either arise from the use of brute force by the mighty or from the blind acceptance of the weak should be opposed.

“In the case of Sandra Cam, it is the exploitation of non-existent power against the lowly airport workers.  She can be more dangerous with an official ID from Malacanang,” concluded Miranda.

March 11, 2017

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Nationwide actions on IWD to push “end endo,” protest death penalty

Fresh from back-to-back rallies to press the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) on the demand to stop contractualization, women workers will again mobilize today for the multisectoral commemoration of International Women's Day (IWD).

“Around the world today, the call is for a global strike against the worsening oppression and exploitation of women. We heed that appeal of our fellow women by launching nationwide protests today in the Philippines,” averred Judy Ann Miranda, secretary general of the Partido Manggagawa (PM).

Women members of PM assembled at Plaza Moriones in Tondo this morning and then marched to Plaza Miranda in Quiapo for the multisectoral rally led by the World March of Women. “Bigas at Rosas, Hindi Dahas” was the theme of the IWD commemoration at Plaza Miranda.

Miranda explained that “The highlight of IWD in the Philippines is the call to end endo and protest the passage of the death penalty bill. Endo is an addition to the multiple burdens suffered by women. And the reimposition of the death penalty is a form of violence against women.”

As part of the nationwide IWD events by PM, earlier today a noise barrage was held by women workers and urban poor women at the main gate of the Cavite Economic Zone in the town of Rosario. Also this morning simultaneous noise barrages were conducted at urban poor communities in the cities of Talisay, Naga and Danao in Cebu. This afternoon, marches will be organized at the Bacolod downtown in Negros and at the Orcullo Park in Davao City.

“We are alarmed at the resurgence of violence against women in the war on drugs, the return of capital punishment and the proposed lowering of the age of criminal liability. We are distressed that endo continues to burden women workers who already have to bear the brunt of domestic labor together with their paid jobs,” Miranda insisted.

She added that back-to-back mass actions led by women workers yesterday and the day before had been able to put pressure on the DOLE which again deferred the planned release of a new order on contractualization. However despite intense lobbying and actions by advocacy groups including women organizations in the House of Representatives, a majority of solons voted yesterday to pass on the third reading the death penalty bill.

“The fight continues against endo at the DOLE and against death penalty at the Senate. Women will be at the forefront of these life and death struggles,” Miranda ended.

March 8, 2017

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Advisory: Women workers to join IWD multisectoral rally

Media Advisory
Partido Manggagawa
Contact Judy Ann Miranda
@ 09228677522, 09175570777


Today, March 8, 2017
9:00 am Assembly at Plaza Moriones, Tondo
10:00 am March to Plaza Miranda, Quiapo

Regional Actions
6:00 am Cavite ecozone (Rosario) noise barrage
9:00 am Talisay, Naga and Danao (Cebu) noise barrage
2:00 pm Bacolod rally at downtown
2:00 pm Davao rally at Orcullo Park

Fresh from back-to-back rallies at the DOLE to press Labor Sec. Silvestre Bello on the demand to end endo, women workers will again mobilize today for the multisectoral commemoration of International Women's Day. Aside from the demand against contractualization, issues to be highlighted today are violence against women in the war on drugs, reimposition of death penalty and the proposed lowering of the age of criminal liability. Similar actions are planned for provinces of Cavite, Cebu, Negros and Davao.

Women to go after Bello’s head if new rules on contractualization side with ECOP and manpower agencies

Women members of Partido Manggagawa (PM) and PALEA are back to the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) today as the new rules on contractualization is expected to be released by Labor Secretary Silvestre Bello III.
A Women March to End Endo was also held yesterday at DOLE led by the Nagkaisa Women Committee.
“The new Department Order (DO) must be in line with the workers’ demand for prohibition and the President’s order to stop agency hiring. A DO outside this track is betrayal to the working class,” stated PM Secretary General Judy Ann Miranda.
Miranda said women workers have analytically tracked the statements of Secretary Bello and they have observed that the labor official is taking the DTI compromise stand which he keeps parroting since his day one in office.
The DTI-DOLE compromise formula intends to regularize contractual workers to the manning agencies and not to the principal employers who hire their services.
“A bad DO will make the eve the International Day of Working Women as a day of betrayal as majority of women workers carry the burden of contractualization in the biggest sectors of our economy.  We will certainly go after the heads of labor officials who betray the interest of women workers,” said Miranda.  
More than half of workers in the services sector where contractualization practices are rampant are women.
Marches, noise barrage on Women’s Day
More women will be in the streets tomorrow to celebrate the International Day of Women. PM members will hold a program at Plaza Moriones in the morning before joining the World March of Women at Plaza Miranda.
Rallies and noise barrage will also be held at EPZA in Cavite and also in Cebu, Bacolod and Davao on issues of contractualization, death penalty, the lowering of minimum age of criminal liability, and the unabated killings in the country.

07 March 2017

Monday, March 6, 2017

Advisory: Workers troop to DOLE today for expected release of endo order

Contact Rene Magtubo @ 09178532905

In time for release of new endo order:

March 7, 2017   10:00 am at DOLE Intramuros

Members of Partido Manggagawa and the union PALEA are returning to the DOLE main office today. Labor Sec. Silvestre Bello declared yesterday, in front of a rally of women workers, that the new order on endo is to be released today.

Women call for end to endo, contractualization on Women’s month

The countdown to end ENDO and contractualization continues: 26 days.
Now it's the turn of women workers to demand from Labor Secretary Silvestre Bello III the immediate release of a new department order ending contractualization in all its forms, a couple of days before International Women’s Day. They marched from Taft Avenue to the Labor and Employment offices in Intramuros, Manila.
Labor groups led by Nagkaisa on Thursday, challenged Sec. Bello to once and for all put an end ENDO (end of contract) or contractualization, the illegal practice of employers of dismissing workers to avoid their regularization. They also want an end to employers’ exploitative manpower agency and cooperative hiring, in lieu of direct hiring to avoid the granting of full benefits and tenure to employees.
In a meeting with labor leaders last week, President Rodrigo Duterte renewed his commitment to stop contractualization and directed the DOLE secretary to release an issuance consistent with his stance.
Colorful women’s march
Women workers from Associated Labor Unions-Trade Union Congress of the Philippines, Sentro, Partido Manggagawa, Federation of Free Workers, PAL Employees Association, Bukluran ng Manggagawang Pilipino, PSLink and a host of other trade unions comprising the Nagkaisa Women Committee, led the march. Women workers dramatized their demands with face paint, bearing colorful paper flowers, chanting: “Sa multiple burden ko, dagdag pa ang ENDO!”
Half of the women working population are performing unpaid family work—household chores and taking primary responsibility for rearing the children.
Women make up 39% of those listed as active in the labor force. Most of them work in sectors where the practice of ENDO and contractualization are prevalent such as in the service sector (51.2%), including those in sales; trade and related workers (15%); and in the manufacturing sector as plant and machine operators (14%)
Women workers represent 40.1% of laborers and low skilled workers, who account for 30% of the labor force.
“The clock is ticking. The Secretary has 26 days to implement the marching orders from Malacanang. Should he fail to stop contractualization, he would have to answer not only to the President, but more importantly he should be accountable to women workers who have been victimized by contractualization across the country,” the Nagkaisa Women Committee said.
Coordinated action by women workers in other parts of the country are also expected, the Nagkaisa Women Committee said. 
Ratify ILO Convention 151
Women workers are also calling for the Philippine ratification of International Labor Organization Convention 151, an international labor standard that recognizes the rights of public sector workers to freedom of association and collective bargaining. More than half (52%) of public sector workers are women. 
Women contractual workers under more precarious conditions
While both women and men are equally affected by contractualization, women suffer greater consequences. “Pregnancy is an unwritten convenient excuse to end the job contract of women so employers can avoid giving maternity benefits,” the Nagkaisa Women Committee said. This gender bias is extended to the non-regularization of nursing working mothers who can demand 40-minute lactation breaks to express their milk at lactation stations in the workplace, for every eight hours of work.
“Even women who avail of up to two months of paid gynecological leaves for surgical procedures done within their reproductive system, suffer discrimination at work as they are seen as additional cost for the business,” the Nagkaisa Women Committee added. This is deeply rooted in structural inequities and historical gender-based inequality such as in the areas of the wide gender pay gap and equal opportunity for promotion.
At the international stage, the women’s movement has also gained significant ground, thanks to the highly successful ‘Women’s March” in January.
According to the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC), the surge in populist misogyny threatens to reverse progress towards gender equality and women’s autonomy – from austerity and privatisation of public care services to increasingly precarious and informal work, from a resurgence in patriarchal attitudes to attacks on women’s reproductive and sexual health and rights.
“We remain firm in our determination to secure high quality, decent work for women and an end to the gender wage gap ande we remain committed to ending the discrimination and violence that affects women’s daily working lives,” ITUC said.

6 March 2017