Thursday, November 29, 2007

Workers belonging to PARTIDO NG MANGGAGAWA (PM) together with labor groups from LABOR – Labor Alliance for Better Order and Reforms and the newly formed group KONTRA assembled today in front of the Bonifacio Shrine to pay homage to working class hero, Gat Andres Bonifacio and launched the broadest and biggest coalition against contractualization.

PM Chairperson, Renato “Ka Rene” Magtubo said that, “The workers are one with Senator Trillanes and our brothers and sisters form the military and progressive groups in calling for system change. The workers continue to be the most oppressed sector in society since time immemorial. The revolution that Gat Andres started remains relevant up to these times when the majority of our people – the workers - continue to suffer from oppression and tyranny. While Bonifacio fought against tyranny and oppression from Spanish Rule, today’s generation of workers fight against the culprit of globalization and its willing puppets – the GMA regime and its capitalist bourgeoisie.”

“However, the workers believe that the revolution can only be won if the masses – the workers and the poor – unite in this struggle for change. The workers need not a messiah to win this battle but must rely on their collective strength to overthrow this corrupt regime and fight for concrete reforms that will uplift their conditions. PM calls on the workers and the people to unite for genuine system change.”

Matubo concluded “Bonifacio started the Katipunan to unite the Filipino people to fight against tyranny and oppression and inspired a revolution. While we do not approve of a military junta, the workers warmly applaud and welcome Senator Trillanes call for system change. To win this revolution, the working class will ensure that when the time comes, it is the overwhelming numbers and the powerful force of the masses that will determine the right course of the struggle. This is how genuine democracy works. As we commemorate the day of our working class hero, Gat Andres Bonifacio, our pledge is to continue the struggle of Bonifacio’s unfinished revolution and the call of Senator Trillanes and our brothers in the military for genuine change. The workers accept this challenge and vow not to shirk from it”.