Monday, November 8, 2010

FASAP supports PALEA strike

November 08, 2010

FASAP is one with PALEA in its struggle to protect the job security of all PAL employees and we will stand by them in their intended strike.

PAL's spin-off will affect almost 3,000 employees. This is a most cruel Christmas gift to the PAL employees, their children and their families.

FASAP, which also has a pending labor case with the Department of Labor, is deeply alarmed with the recent decision of the DOLE regarding PAL's “outsourcing” program.

Our brothers and sisters in PALEA are loyal and dedicated PAL ground workers, who have worked very hard and sacrificed immensely to serve PAL and the general riding public.

Through the years, they are the ones who have toiled to keep PAL's 24-hour operations concerning important functions such as In-flight Catering, Ground-Handling and Airport servicing.

Without their sacrifice, competence and dedication, PAL would have closed-down a long time ago. Back in the year 1998 they even agreed to suspend their CBA for 10 years to save PAL from bankruptcy. Now, more than 10 years after, with PAL now profitable, the workers are being dismissed.

We lament that PAL management decided to push through with the drastic spin-off measure, unmindful of how it will affect the lives of 3,000 workers and their families. Surely there are less painful and more humane ways to ensure the viability of PAL?

A more caring Company would think twice before terminating thousands of loyal employees.

The Aquino government should not allow PAL to simply get rid of thousands of Filipino workers in the national flag carrier for the sake of profit.

To contact FASAP for clarifications and interviews at tel nos. 854-51-59, 851-53-93 , FASAP Hotline 0918-8532727.

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