Monday, February 11, 2019

Media Advisory: Idealistic youth to campaign early tom for principled candidates

Media Advisory
February 11, 2019
Partido Manggagawa partylist
Contact Dhel Pulanco (PUP) @ 09179402632
Ver Estorosas (Bulacan) @ 09339680449
Dennis Sequena (Cavite) @ 09301803071

Idealistic youth to campaign early tom for principled candidates

What: Students leaders from the PUP Central Student Council and the student party SPEAK to train hop for “principled national candidates”

When: Tomorrow, February 12, 5-7 am

Where: MRT North EDSA, MRT/LRT Cubao, LRT Recto and LRT Pureza


Around 15 student leaders will leaflet each train station early morning tomorrow as the opening salvo of a youth campaign for principled politics. The youth leaders say that they are campaigning early tomorrow to jump the gun on trapos who have the money and influence to dominate the election period. 

Today, the same groups crowdsourced from fellow PUP students to finance the printing of the leaflets that they will distribute tomorrow. Dubbed "Piso para sa Pagbabago," they successfully solicited donations for some senatorial and one partylist organization that they assert embody the advocacy and fight for real social change.

The youth leaders are challenging the national candidates to support the demand to increase the education share of the national budget to 6%. They believe that the protracted fight over the pork barrel of solons that led to the delayed enactment of the General Appropriations Act is a case of the teapot calling the kettle black. The real issues are greater budget for social services like public education, universal health care, extended maternity and guaranteed public employment for the jobless.

Also tomorrow, Partido Manggagawa worker and urban poor leaders are launching their official partylist campaign by going to the grassroots. In Bulacan, urban poor leaders are hopping from one relocation area and depressed community to another across the towns of Marilao to Malolos to propagate the demand for affordable housing for the poor. It was in Pandi, Bulacan where a government housing project was occupied by informal settlers.

Meanwhile, in Cavite, union leaders are going to leaflet fellow workers in the giant Cavite Economic Zone to highlight the call for a national minimum wage and regular jobs for all. The demand for regular jobs, a national minimum wage, affordable housing, increased education budget and other social services are the key planks of the electoral platform of PM partylist. ###

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