Tuesday, July 31, 2018

PM condemns violent dispersal of NutriAsia protest

Partido Manggagawa condemns in strongest terms the violent dispersal of PNP forces on the peaceful protest action of workers and their supporters which has resulted into scores of injuries and arrests.

The issue of the protest action is a legitimate one—the demand for regularization of hundreds of workers employed by manpower agencies for many years to the principal employer, the NutriAsia.

We call on the people, especially workers, to boycott NutriAsia products until the labor dispute is resolved. The boycott will not only support the legitimate struggle of workers, but more importantly, send a strong message by the public to NutriAsia, that consumers will not patronize products sold and profited by a company that is violating workers’ rights.

We call on the Commission on Human Rights to investigate the incident and file appropriate actions to those found violating worker’s constitutional right to peaceful concerted action including the right to strike.

We also call on the Department of Labor and Employment to step up their effort in mediating the labor dispute in NutriAsia with the end in view of strictly enforcing compliance with labor laws and regulations pertaining to labor contracting.

Finally, we call on the Senate to prioritize the deliberation of Senate Bill 1826 in order for Congress to finally legislate a new law governing labor contracting in the country. A new law that clearly upholds worker’s right to security of tenure and effectively address widespread use of contractual labor would surely help in averting labor disputes such as in NutriAsia.

July 31, 2018

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