Sunday, April 15, 2018

Too many draft EOs spoil the promise to end contractualization--PM

In a news statement Sec. Bello said “the more drafts the better for the President to have a better option.”

Labor groups beg to disagree. Sec. Bello did not mention that there was a DTI (read: employer) draft that was also submitted to the President and not only the labor-draft that contains a provision on government’s policy of direct hiring of employees to principal employers in order to strengthen workers’ security of tenure. The DTI draft is obviously a “business-as-usual” policy that allows labor contracting on almost all jobs and functions that has changed the norm of employment from direct-hiring to agency-hiring.

Partido Manggagawa (PM) Chair Ka Rene Magtubo, a convenor of the Nagkaisa Labor Coalition calls on the President “to sign the labor-drafted EO which would pave the way for the realization of his campaign promise. The labor-drafted EO will also send a strong signal to Congress to attune their security of tenure measures to the policy of direct hiring as a norm in employment relations.”

“The DTI or the employers EO can never be a solution to the widespread contractualization of labor. The employers are the main culprit for the prolferation of agency-hired employees, as such a culprit can never provide a solution to the problem they have committed”, Magtubo added.

PM stands firm on the Nagkaisa Labor Coalition's statement that “its leaders will only attend the invitation for the signing of an EO if the labor-drafted EO would be subject of the signing.”

April 15, 2018

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