Monday, October 31, 2016

Advisory: Undas at picketline: Workers remember their dead by fighting for the living

November 1, 2016
Contact: Dennis Sequena @ 09301803072

Workers remember their dead by fighting for the living
WHAT: Laidoff and locked out workers will spend Undas at the picketline outside the garments firm Faremo
WHEN: Today, November 1 , 2016
WHERE: Picketline at Faremo International Inc., Cavite ecozone, Rosario
DETAILS:  Workers of the garments factory Faremo International Inc. at Cavite EPZA in Rosario are spending undas at the picketline. They are now on their 6th day at the picketline. Some 1,000 workers were laidoff last October 27 as the factory shutdown and have been locked out despite their demand that the factory remain open.
Another mediation meeting is scheduled on Friday, November 4, to resolve the dispute surrounding the closure of the biggest garments factory at Cavite EPZA.
The union is alleging that the closure is illegal since it is meant to bust the union and destroy the CBA. Early this month, management filed for temporary closure and the union proposed work rotation to preserve jobs and prevents layoffs. Management ignored the proposal and responded with the permanent closure.
Faremo is owned by the Korean textile multinational Hansoll and supplies to global garments brands. A union was formed by workers at Faremo last year in a bid to redress grievances such a low pay, verbal abuse and lack of benefits. A collective bargaining agreement (CBA) was concluded just last May.

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