Thursday, September 6, 2018

Workers more concerned with lost buying power than the missing files of Sen. Trillanes

The Partido Manggagawa (PM) has accused President Duterte of wasting his time and power in  neutralizing his political opponents rather than in arresting the deluge of high prices, saying that at the moment workers are more concerned with their lost purchasing power than the missing amnesty files of Sen. Trillanes.

“Ang problema ng manggagawa ngayon ay ang nagtataasang presyo at bumabagal na ekonomiya hindi ang rebelyon ni Trillanes noon laban kay Gloria,” lamented PM chair Renato Magtubo.

Trillanes, a fierce critic of President Duterte, is contesting the latter’s attempt to lock him up by revoking the amnesty privilege granted to him by President Benigno Aquino III in 2010.  Duterte revoked Trillanes’ amnesty because his application form is reportedly missing from DND records.

“This move is easier to figure out now as the void ab initio principle applied to Trillanes is preceded by the quo warranto approach employed against CJ Sereno. This revocation can be as stealthy as quo warranto but for whose gain? A fascist’s appetite for absolute power is not the same with the workers’ desire for economic relief,” said Magtubo.

The group complained that while workers are losing their buying power due to runaway inflation, the President remains preoccupied with consolidating power and the persecution of his political adversaries.

“You cannot stop Sen. Trillanes and other critics from speaking their minds on many issues especially now that economic problems are weighing down the poor. What you can surely prevent is the worsening of inflation by stopping your TRAIN and repressing market manipulation by unscrupulous traders and businessmen. But where are you on this issue, Mr. President?” asked Magtubo.

Inflation hits a national average of 6.4% last month, the highest since 2009. NCR posted a higher rate at 7% while ARMM had 8.1%.

“Ang hinahanap dapat ng Pangulo ay ang solusyon sa problemang ito hindi ang nawawalang file ng kalabang senador,” concluded Magtubo.

6 September 2018

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