Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Nagkaisa Press Statement Bonifacio Day 2016


A better policy is possible
A win-win solution to endo is unacceptable

The only chance for Filipino workers to enjoy a life of dignity is to have secure and good paying jobs.  Contractualization is spoiling this dream.  And the government is unacceptably prolonging the misery. 

By raising the bogey of massive job loss once the government accedes to workers’ demand for an end to all forms of contractualization, the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), was in effect forcing the workers to accept its win-win formula that allows, rather than prohibit, the perpetuation of different forms of contractualization.

The DTI proposal is unacceptable on two grounds.  First, the end endo promise, the way it was presented by the President during the election campaign, did not mean the end of one form of contractualization and the legalization of another type.  Second, legalizing sub-contracting and outsourcing work arrangement is a ploy to shield employers from assuming their inherent responsibility of providing direct and regular employment to their workers.  Regularization done in contractor agencies rather than in mother companies is a fraud.

We don’t want to assume that the DTI wish is the President’s command. But why is the President’s command now marching towards a different direction?

Saan kami ngayon kukuha ng kapal ng kumpyansa kung wala na sa mukha ng gubyerno ang kaseryosohang ganap na itigil ang endo? Kung ang DTI at DOLE ay parehong win-win na ang tono?

Analogous to the time of Gat Andres Bonifacio, the epidemic of contractualization diminishes the plight of Filipino workers to a life of colonial subjects unable to exercise their freedom because none of their masters today would want to recognize their sovereign existence as regular employees. 

Hindi pinangarap ni Gat Andres Bonifacio ang ganitong buhay para sa mga Pilipino.  Filipinos did not wage a revolution against colonial exploitation only to be subjected to another form of oppression.

Kung gayon ay dapat mabatid: Kung ayaw tapusin ng gubyerno ang endo, hindi rin tatapusin ng uring manggagawa ang kanyang rebolusyon.

November 30, 2016

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