Tuesday, December 7, 2010

PALEA strike vote: Large turnout of members, overwhelming yes vote

Press Release
December 7, 2010

The partial results of the PALEA strike vote show a large turnout and an overwhelming yes vote. The balloting closed at 5:00 pm for several PAL offices and work places like the outlying stations at 14 provincial cities and the call center reservations at PNB Building in Macapagal Ave. In the call center reservations, there was an 84% turnout with 86% voting yes. In the outlying stations some 80% of the members voted and 80% of them voted yes. Not all the outlying stations however have transmitted the results.

The votes of a majority of PALEA members remain not counted yet as balloting will only end by midnight tonight at the Terminal 2 of the Manila International Airport, the international cargo terminal, the in-flight catering department and the Mactan airport in Cebu. Nonetheless PALEA expects the trend to continue. PALEA also reported that the voting was orderly and peaceful.

The PALEA leadership will decide on its next move after the final results of the strike vote is canvassed.

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