Sunday, February 26, 2012

PALEA to rally at impeachment trial tomorrow

Contact Alnem Pretencio (PALEA VP) @ 09209543634
        Judy Ann Miranda (PM Sec-Gen) @ 09228677522

PALEA to rally at impeachment trial and call for PAL’s testimony on platinum card

WHAT: PALEA to hold rally at impeachment trial

WHEN:  Tomorrow, February 27, 12:00 noon

WHERE: Senate grounds

DETAILS: At the rally tomorrow, PALEA will call on the Senators sitting as impeachment judges to allow the testimony of Philippine Airlines (PAL) VP for Sales Enrique Javier. PALEA expects that in their Monday caucus, the Senators will reconsider Sen. Enrile’s decision to deny PAL’s testimony. PALEA members will distribute makeshift platinum cards to passers-by in allusion to the privilege extended by PAL to Chief Justice Renato Corona.

Before the protest at the impeachment rally, PALEA will hold a motorcade that will pass by the different PAL offices such Nichols, DCB, PNB Building and PAL Learning Center (Faura).  The motorcade will commemorate the 5th month of PALEA protest at Terminal 2 and the implementation of PAL’s outsourcing plan.

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