Friday, April 8, 2011


March 29, 2011

We are deeply disheartened with the palace's decision allowing PAL to spin-off its ground services, adversely affecting 2,600 PAL employees.

The palea members were the ones who sacrificed for more than 10 years during PAL's most difficult times when it asked for a 10 year suspension of their CBA.

It is very disturbing that the government approves of the loss of thousands of regular jobs in favor of the vested business interests.

They are our brothers and sisters in the PAL family and it hurts us very much to see them being treated like this. 

They are hardworking people who made PAL earn its world class reputation.

It is really quite sad that the government, which is supposed to protect the oppressed sided with the rich and powerful in this case. 

PAL will never be the same without the dedication and sacrifice of its rank and file ground employees.

FASAP will support the PALEA union in its intended strike action to protect the job security of its members. Our members will not cross the strike picket lines. We will stand beside them in their struggle to keep their jobs.

We call on the Aquino administration, the media and the riding public to stop this travesty being committed against the flag carrier's dedicated and loyal PAL employees.

PAL does not deserve to carry the Philippine Flag if it cannot respect the rights of its regular employees.


Please feel free to contact FASAP for clarifications and interviews at tel. nos. 854-51-59, 851-53-93, FASAP Hotline 0918-8532727.

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