Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Workers slam chacha revival, calls it a Frankenstein monster

Press Release
June 2, 2009

The militant Partido ng Manggagawa (PM) slammed the move in the House of Representatives to revive the charter change. “Chacha through Resolution 1109 is a Frankenstein monster that has been resurrected from the dead by mad trapos. Chacha is exit plan of GMA yet it is the road to perdition for the people. Revising the Constitution will pave the way not just for GMA’s perpetuation in power but also the annihilation of the token protection for labor rights and national patrimony,” argued stated Renato Magtubo, PM chairperson.

PM is calling on the plenary session of the Lower House to scrap Resolutions 1109 and 737. The group reiterated that the working class and the Filipino people will resist changing the Constitution “for the benefit of Gloria, the trapos and foreigners.”

“The rumored P20 million bribe for chacha’s passage is the price of the modern-day Judases who will betray the people’s interests. Instead of responding to the challenge of worsening poverty and unemployment, Congress is busy with chacha for the purpose of extending GMA’s term. We might wake up one morning with GMA returning to power as Prime Minister via con-ass or con-con,” argued Magtubo.

He added that “After Villafuerte’s necrological service for Resolution 1109 that provides for a con-ass, it is high time to bury Nograles’ Resolution 737 and other charter change proposals that will only benefit foreigners and trapos. The workers and the poor will be the gravediggers of GMA’s chacha.”

Workers led by PM joined farmers groups last week in a big mobilization to push for the extension with reform of CARP and also to oppose charter change.

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