Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Noise barrage today at two NCR chokepoints continue labor-led protests vs. con-ass

Press Release
June 9, 2009

The militant Partido ng Manggagawa (PM) will lead the noise barrage at two chokepoints in Metro Manila today as labor-led protests against con-ass and cha-cha continued. At 2 p.m. some 300 urban poor will mobilize at Paranaque. While at 6 p.m. another group of 300 Manila residents and PM members will hold a separate noise barrage.

“The distrust and disapproval ratings of Gloria Arroyo are an early plebiscite on cha-cha. That one in every two Filipinos distrust and disapprove of Gloria Arroyo expresses the people’s rejection of the attempt to extend her term through con-ass,” argued Renato Magtubo, PM chairperson.

Members of PM and Alyansa ng Maralitang Pilipino in Paranaque marched from their communities to the Bicutan palengke at the Bicutan interchange for the noise barrage. Residents of the Balic-Balic community led by the Holy Trinity Parish priest Fr. Erik Adoviso will be joined by PM members for the noise barrage at Welcome Rotonda. Fr. Erik Adoviso is head of the Archbishop of Manila Labor Ministry.

“We appeal to religious leaders to reject the courting from Malacanang and to stand firm against con-ass. The sweet talk from Malacanang is mere double talk. The workers protests are in response to the Catholic Church’s call versus con-ass and are parallel to multisectoral movement against cha-cha. The working class adds its voice to the people’s indignation over the railroading of con-ass and the desperate attempt to extend GMA’s term,” explained Judy Ann Miranda, PM secretary general.

She stated that “We call on the people to make noise today or else we will wake up tomorrow with Gloria Arroyo remaining in power as prime minister. She is already earnestly campaigning with 15 trips to Pampanga in less than four months or once a week. There is no other reason for Gloria Arroyo’s visits except to woo voters for a run at the congressional seat now occupied by her son. Gloria Arroyo as a prime minister means the old dog returning with a new collar.”

“The denials of the trapos who sponsored signed Resolution 1109 cannot be believed like the generals who talk of peace even as they prepare for war. The 2010 polls that Nograles and others speak of will be elections for the members of parliament not a new president,” insisted Magtubo.

“Revising the Constitution will pave the way not just for GMA’s perpetuation in power but also the annihilation of the token protection for labor rights and national patrimony that remains in the Constitution,” Magtubo clarified as the basis for labor’s opposition to cha-cha.

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