Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Workers responses to ECOP re endo and NEDA re cost of living

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(1) Reaction to ECOP’s view that the Senate Bill 1826 on Security of Tenure bans labor contracting

Senate Bill 1826 contains provisions that strictly prohibits and penalizes labor-only contracting practices and has plugged loopholes in the present law for regularization of workers be it with the principal employers or legitimate labor contractors. As such, it strengthens workers’ security of tenure, the end goal of addressing the problem of widespread illegal labor contracting practices.

Does the Senate bill ban labor contracting? The answer is NO. However, the labor-contractor should fulfill requirements contained in the bill to be considered a legitimate labor contractor.  Failing one of the requirements, the labor contractor’s engagement with principal becomes illegal, thus penalized.

To ECOP, our message is: Don’t panic. Just make sure you and your labor contractor follow the law, otherwise you may be held severally liable.

(2) Reaction to NEDA’s P10k budget for a family of 5

It would give the family a hard time to live decently. It would affect the development of kids due to low nutrition intake and less money for their education.

Given that family budget, we will have a stunted labor force, physically and mentally in the future.

To prove us wrong, NEDA officials should walk the talk. Let them and their families experience first-hand living on P10k for a month.

June 6, 2018

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