Sunday, February 25, 2018

The failures of Edsa must not lead to the establishment of another dictatorship

PM is joining Kalipunan ng mga Kilusang Masa (Kalipunan) in todays march of basic sectors to the People Power Monument. 

Edsa failed on many respect. But such failures must not suit the agenda of building another dictatorship. 

Edsa failed because real political and economic power, during the last 32 years, remained captured by the elite. The people, therefore, have the right and reason to seek redress and more so demand changes in their present condition of living under poverty and inequality. But such change we never envisioned to be lead by Duterte minions in Congress led by Pantaleon Alvarez. 

Changing the constitution or restoring another type of dictatorship was never our demand. Surveys likewise reveal that charter change is never the top concerns of Filipinos. It was never the call of our workers during the last three decades. The government, past and present, were aware of these demands such as ending endo and realizing the principle of living wage yet no change is happening. And those who push for charter change today were the same powers who deny workers the free exercise of their rights to decent work and human rights. 

Hence, on the occasion of the 32nd anniversary of Edsa People Power, we reiterate our position that what ails this nation is not form of government but class rule. The revolution, therefore, is still alive. Change we will.

25 February 2018

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