Monday, February 12, 2018

Korean garments factory interfering in workers' right to unionize

Workers at a garments factory in Cavite ecozone are facing interference in their efforts to unionize. The Korean-owned factory Dong Seung Inc. supplies to brands Ann Taylor and Macy's.

The workers of Dong Seung formed an independent union and have filed a petition for a certification election as provided for under the law. Since then the union president has been threatened by management with a criminal case, union leaders have been transferred from their departments to deny them access to other workers, management personnel have been meeting workers and propagating anti-union propaganda, union members have been denied loans, and they have been told that they can only access the loans if they withdraw membership in the independent union. Finally the Dong Seung management has formally manifested opposition to the holding of an election in a hearing conducted by the Labor Department on the petition for certification elections

As a result the independent union has filed a unfair labor practice complaint with the Labor Department. The complaint is presently being heard.

The workers union are calling on global companies Ann Inc., which owns the brand Ann Taylor, and Macy's Inc. to remediate the violations of their supplier Dong Seung Inc. based on their supplier codes of conduct which provide for respect for freedom of association and collective bargaining.

12 February 2017

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