Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Nationwide actions on IWD to push “end endo,” protest death penalty

Fresh from back-to-back rallies to press the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) on the demand to stop contractualization, women workers will again mobilize today for the multisectoral commemoration of International Women's Day (IWD).

“Around the world today, the call is for a global strike against the worsening oppression and exploitation of women. We heed that appeal of our fellow women by launching nationwide protests today in the Philippines,” averred Judy Ann Miranda, secretary general of the Partido Manggagawa (PM).

Women members of PM assembled at Plaza Moriones in Tondo this morning and then marched to Plaza Miranda in Quiapo for the multisectoral rally led by the World March of Women. “Bigas at Rosas, Hindi Dahas” was the theme of the IWD commemoration at Plaza Miranda.

Miranda explained that “The highlight of IWD in the Philippines is the call to end endo and protest the passage of the death penalty bill. Endo is an addition to the multiple burdens suffered by women. And the reimposition of the death penalty is a form of violence against women.”

As part of the nationwide IWD events by PM, earlier today a noise barrage was held by women workers and urban poor women at the main gate of the Cavite Economic Zone in the town of Rosario. Also this morning simultaneous noise barrages were conducted at urban poor communities in the cities of Talisay, Naga and Danao in Cebu. This afternoon, marches will be organized at the Bacolod downtown in Negros and at the Orcullo Park in Davao City.

“We are alarmed at the resurgence of violence against women in the war on drugs, the return of capital punishment and the proposed lowering of the age of criminal liability. We are distressed that endo continues to burden women workers who already have to bear the brunt of domestic labor together with their paid jobs,” Miranda insisted.

She added that back-to-back mass actions led by women workers yesterday and the day before had been able to put pressure on the DOLE which again deferred the planned release of a new order on contractualization. However despite intense lobbying and actions by advocacy groups including women organizations in the House of Representatives, a majority of solons voted yesterday to pass on the third reading the death penalty bill.

“The fight continues against endo at the DOLE and against death penalty at the Senate. Women will be at the forefront of these life and death struggles,” Miranda ended.

March 8, 2017

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