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Advisory: DOLE mediation today of dispute in Cavite EPZA factory

April 8, 2016
Contact: Dennis Sequena @ 09301803072

DOLE mediation today of dispute in Cavite EPZA factory
WHAT: Mediation meeting called by DOLE between union and management of Korean-owned factory
WHEN: Today, April 8, 2016, 10:00 a.m.
WHERE: NCMB Imus @ MYP GBY Building, Bayan Luma 7, Aguinaldo Highway
DETAILS: The Department of Labor and Employment is convening another mediation meeting today between the union and management of Seung Yeun Technology Industries Corp. (SYTIC). This is the second after a strike vote last Saturday in which a majority of union members authorized the holding of a work stoppage. The first mediation ended inconclusively.
The SYTIC workers are holding daily protests this week as buildup for the strike. This afternoon SYTIC workers and their supporters will stage a protest march inside the Cavite EPZA.
The SYTIC workers union had filed a notice of strike due to union busting. Twenty SYTIC workers, majority of whom are elected union officers and the rest union members, have been retrenched in a blatant attempt at union busting in the country’s biggest export zone, the Cavite ecozone in the town of Rosario.
The workers have recently formed a union in an effort to address workplace problems including violations of labor standards.  Among the most egregious violations are that part of their wages are not paid in cash but in the form of meals, non-payment of overtime due to an illegal compressed workweek schedule and the lack of a company nurse, doctor and hospital bed.
SYTIC is a Korean-owned plastics company that is part of the electronics industry supply chain. SYTIC’s main customers are local subsidiaries of big US multinationals like ON Semiconductor, Analog Devices, Texas Instruments, Maxim Integrated and Cypress.

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