Wednesday, May 29, 2019


Alliance of General Unions, Institutions and Labor Associations (Aguila)
Federation of Free Workers (FFW)
Partido Manggagawa (PM)
Philippine Airlines Empoyees Association (PALEA)
Sentro ng Nagkakaisa at Progresibong Manggagawa (Sentro)

We, various labor groups comprising the majority of NAGKAISA, are denouncing, in strongest possible term, the passage of the non-harmonized version of the Security of Tenure (SOT) bills.  This is clearly a product of treachery by the leadership of both Houses, working in cahoots with employers, to hijack the process to undermine workers’ final push for a better law through the harmonization of HB6908 and SB1826 at the bicam level. 

With the House adopting SB 1826 en toto, our dream of having stronger anti-contractualization provisions in the Labor Code is dead! 

It was arbitrary on the part of the House leadership to bypass the House panel tasked to harmonize the provisions on the SOT bills, particularly: 

1. Prohibition of fixed-term employment and of multi-layered contracting found in the HOR version must be incorporated in the Senate version. 

2. The strong provisions of the HB 6908 on fines and penalties, including closures of agencies guilty of labor only contracting. 

3. The derogation of solidary liability of the principal and the contractors in the Senate version, when Title II, Book III was inserted, must be corrected. 

An impending anti-endo legislation that does not meet these bottom line issues is not worthy of support.  Absent the harmonization of this demand in the final version, our collective response is outright rejection.

29 May 2019

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