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Kalbaryo protest tom by ecozone workers

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March 25, 2018
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Kalbaryo protest tom by ecozone workers
WHAT: Ecozone workers protest union busting, rights violations

WHEN: March 26 (Monday), 10:00 am

WHERE: DOLE National office, Intramuros, Manila


Workers are holding a Kalbaryo protest at the DOLE main office to call the attention of the Labor Secretary to the spate of union busting by companies in the Cavite export processing zone.

Last Tuesday, 16 union officers of the Korean-owned garments factory Dong Seung Inc. were suspended for 30 days because of their organizing activities. The union has filed a notice of strike for union busting. The DOLE provincial office has scheduled a mediation meeting on Monday.

Likewise victims of union busting, women workers of Taiwanese-owned electronics firm Lakepower in Cavite ecozone are joining the protest. They have been on strike for more than three months now. They are calling on the office of the Labor Secretary to intervene to resolve the protracted dispute. The workers are calling for a stop to the termination and suspension of union officers and members.

Meanwhile workers at another factory at the Cavite ecozone, the metal manufacturer Taesung Phils.,  filed a notice of strike due to deadlock in bargaining negotiations.

Last Wednesday, workers of Dong Seung and Lakepower marched inside the Cavite ecozone. They were met at the main gate of the ecozone by supporters from communities within Cavite for a big protest for respect to the right to unionize and decent working conditions for workers.

The rally is also part of a series of protests in the run-up to Labor Day on May 1. It is also part of the campaign by labor groups who are calling for the signing of an executive order to abolish contractualization and action by the DOLE on labor disputes at Dong Seung, Lakepower, Coke and Philippine Airlines.

Photos of the march at the Cavite ecozone last Wednesday can be accessed here:  ###

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