Thursday, August 29, 2013

Labor group urges Napoles to bare all in open court

29 August 2013

Perhaps everyone at this point in time, including politicians in Malacanang, want a share of a limelight from Janet Lim Napoles.  So whether she is a real VIP or someone who finds Malacanang as the safest place to surrender had become the subject of wild speculations.

We heard the explanations of Presidential spokesperson Edwin Lacierda on the circumstances behind the graceful end of the August hunt for Napoles.  We would leave the Palace do the explaining on this matter.

What is important now is we finally have Napoles.  But the people are really not after her body, despite her VIP treatment last night.  What we are more interested is how she is going to tell her story about the whole pork barrel racket.  Will she bare all?  Or will she be just another Jocjoc Bolante, Garci or Lentang Bedol in the making?

Our challenge is for her to bare all and for Malacanang to ensure that she is not coached or censored under custody.  People were already suspicious about her VIP surrender.  Malacanang cannot afford another blunder if Napoles comes out in tight lips.

One way to erase this suspicion is to hold the Napoles trial in an open court, similar to how the impeachment trial of Renato Corona was conducted.

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