Friday, February 8, 2013

Advisory: Workers to rally and challenge candidates on platform

8 February 2013
Contact: Judy Ann Miranda @ 09175570777, 09228677522

Workers to challenge candidates on platform: Manggagawa Naman!
WHAT: Some 300 workers and poor to rally and call on candidates for platform-based campaign
WHEN: Today, February 8 (Friday), 6:00 p.m.
WHERE: PALEA protest camp to Our Lady of Airways Parish and back
DETAILS: With the campaign period for national candidates set to start next week, workers and poor will banner the demand “Manggagawa Naman!” as a challenge to senatorial and other candidates to put the concerns of labor on their platform. The rally around the airport area is the kickoff for labor’s campaign around issues for the duration of the electoral season. Specifically the workers are pushing for “Apat na Dapat” set of demands:
1.    Regular jobs
2.     Affordable housing
3.     Health and education for all
4.     Cheap food, electricity and water

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