Monday, December 17, 2012

Women workers to mobilize again for passage of RH

17 December 2012
Partido ng Manggagawa (PM) members joined women’s groups under the Reproductive Health Advocacy Network (RHAN) at both the Senate and the House of Representatives to ensure that the reproductive health (RH) bill is enacted into law. 
“We cannot let our guard down, especially at this crucial stage of the fight for the passage of the RH bill.  The 15th Congress has presented the best opportunity closest to victory.  And President Aquino has finally certified the RH bill as urgent.  We will not let this opportunity go to waste.  The passage of the RH bill has to happen in this Congress, and we will make sure that it does happen before the Christmas break,” declared PM Secretary General Judy Ann C. Miranda.
“The Catholic Church has been equally vigilant, and that is good.  Its vigilance and statements have kept us consistently active and as unyielding with our position.  The difference in viewpoint is a reality and should be respected.  However, when this viewpoint has turned into acts that infringe on women’s rights i.e. reproductive health, the women will not put up with it.  As so with legislators so full of themselves and their machismo, hence, cannot accept women as co-equal in society.  We will continue to mobilize and fight for what is rightfully ours,” added Ms. Miranda.
For more than a decade, PM has been consistently working with women’s groups in the struggle for women’s right to reproductive health.

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