Friday, August 3, 2012

Fact Sheet: DirectAccess Corporation (DAC) in Cebu

Direct Access workers assembly at Cebu City public library
Rampant Labor Standard Violations

1.      DirectAccess Corporation – a BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) or in layman’s term “Call Center” which is a corporation owned by several Filipinos through with the main support of the foreign company in Salt Lake City, Utah namely “Revocalize”. The way DAC operates is considered as a telemarketing company because it solicits interest of customers from different states in America with the product/services we have. There are non-voice accounts and voice accounts. Either voice or non-voice agents, both are required to provide leads daily to its client and every lead DAC will produce it is always convertible into specific amount of dollars. Roland del Rosario is one of the owners of DirectAccess Corporation. While Jeffry Newman is the COO/Chief Operating Officer of DirectAccess and the bosses of Mr. Newman are Ben George-President and Jody Rokstool-CEO of Revocalize in Utah.
·        Employees were not informed ahead of time that the company will undergo temporary closure last July 30, 2012.

·        Employees did not received the ff:

A.     Total overtime pay including RDOT or rest day OT from June20-July5, 2012 cutoff which was scheduled to be released on the 15th of July. But then Mr. Newman appealed and announced that instead it will be paid out on the 23rd of July or within that week but still unpaid.
B.     Basic pay, allowance and cash incentives as well as the overtime pays covering the 16-day working period (July 6-20) and from July 21-30,2012.

·        Government benefits deducted from the salary that were not completely remitted which includes the following:
a. tax remittances
b. Social Security System (SSS)
d. PhilHealth

·        Leave credits convertible to cash

·        Separation pay

·   Money claims total PhP 6.4 million for 638 employees left jobless

Heads and their Designations:

Ben George-President, Revocalize

Jody Rokstool-CE0, Revocalize

Jeffry Newman- COO/chief operating officer

Roland del Rosario- IT Manager

Atty Beryl Dyesabelle- company lawyer

From Zylun Staffing to DirectAccess -transfer- September 1, 2011.
Mr. Kit Quiseo- HR Head of Zylun

Started cutting down benefits July 15, 2012-July31,2012.

Why shutdown: company declared temporary closure due to bankrupty.

Why not losing: DAC has multiple clients and campaign/accounts that were running.

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