Monday, January 23, 2012

PALEA welcomes Chinese new year with Ayala motorcade and impeachment rally


WHAT: PALEA to hold protest motorcade and rally at impeachment trial

WHEN:  Tomorrow, January 24

WHERE: Motorcade starts at PALEA protest camp (10am) proceeds to PAL Nichols offices (11am) then Allied Bank, Ayala Ave (12 noon) onto Senate (1pm) and ends at PNB Building at Macapagal Ave.

DETAILS: PALEA welcomes the Chines new year with the demand on new PAL investors for the reinstatement of retrenched workers. PALEA hopes that “year of the water dragon” is the year that its members return to their regular jobs. The union is “watching intently” and not necessarily “welcoming enthusiastically” reports of PAL’s sale to interested investors such as Ramon Ang of SMC and Manny Pangilinan of Metro Pacific.

Meanwhile PALEA president Gerry Rivera is set to testify on Wednesday (Jan. 24 noon EST) at Washington DC on the repression of labor rights by the government. PALEA has been invited to the hearing by the US Trade Representative on the petition by the government for trade benefits under the GSP (general system of preferences). Countries which the US deems as respectful of internationally core labor rights and standards receives preferential treatment.

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