Tuesday, March 15, 2011

PALEA notice of strike stays until PAL submits counter-proposal

Press Release
March 15, 2011

The Philippine Airlines Employees’ Association (PALEA) clarified that the notice of strike it filed for a case of unfair labor practice due to Philippine Airlines (PAL) management’s refusal to bargain stays until a counter-proposal is received. PAL management was asking in yesterday’s conciliation meeting for a withdrawal of the notice of strike in return for a promise to forward a counter-proposal within two weeks. “The dispute remains unresolved until PAL makes good on its promise so that negotiations can actually start,” Gerry Rivera said, PALEA president. PALEA announced that it is already preparing to hold a strike vote “both as a legal requirement of the law before it can hold a strike and as an expression of PAL employee’s determination to fight for the right to collective bargaining and security of tenure.”

The minutes of the Conciliation Conference (14 March 2011) are below:

Both parties appeared in today’s conference.

Management manifest that considering the Union’s manifestation that the CBA negotiations can proceed independently of the labor dispute on outsourcing/spin-off, PAL manifests its willingness to continue the CBA negotiation process and to submit its counter-proposal within two (2) weeks at the latest.

Union manifests that until such time that the management submit its counter-proposal, the issue is not yet resolved.

PALEA clarifies that it does not agree that the outsourcing issue should not be subject of CBA negotiations considering that both the current CBA and the proposed CBA contain provisions on spin-off/outsourcing which are central to the resolution of the outsourcing case currently pending.

PAL considers the immediately preceding clarification by PALEA as a re-inclusion in the CBA negotiations of the issues of the pending labor dispute and therefore, a change in PALEA’s original manifestation that the labor dispute can proceed independently of the CBA negotiation.

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