Saturday, February 5, 2011

Solidarity Message to the New Anti Capitalist Party of France

Greetings of working class solidarity!

We salute the New Anti Capitalist Party in its second congress. The NPA congress will be held amidst the fierce winds of change blowing in North Africa that hopefully will cross the Mediterranean and reach the shores of France.

The working class of France is in a crucial conjuncture. The offensive of the capitalist class that became even more severe and brutal as the global crisis unfolded a few years ago is nonetheless engendering an escalation in the resistance of the workers and the peoples of the world.

The class conscious workers in Philippines have been following with interest the huge mobilizations among the French proletariat against the Sarkozy government’s plan to reform the pension system and shift the burden of its costs on the backs of the workers. Such historic and gigantic movements inspire the workers of the whole world.

France is obviously a crucial link the chain of imperialist countries and any breakthrough in the class struggles in your country will have momentous significance for the international working class movement and the socialist struggle in the advanced countries. We will be paying attention to critical assessments of the fight against pension reform and the struggle against the capitalist offensive in France.

The tasks of the workers of France grow heavier as the fate of the Arab revolution hangs in the balance. As former colonizer of many of the Arab countries, the imperialist interference and intervention of the French ruling class can play a major role in subverting the uprisings in North Africa and the protests in the Middle East.

With the solidarity of the international proletariat, a resurgent working class movement in the Arab countries should swing the balance of forces for the people’s uprisings.

So even as the workers of the world look at France for the lessons of its class struggle, we are also focused on the popular uprisings and stirrings in North Africa and the Middle East. With nearly a million Filipino migrant workers in the Middle East sending some USD 3 billion in remittances to our country, the events in the Middle East will have great repercussions not just on the Philippine economy but in the consciousness of our people.

In a world of contradictions and revolutions, the role of international solidarity becomes even more crucial. We look forward to increasing cooperation between the workers of our countries.

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