Thursday, February 25, 2010

Arroyos, Reyes and other party-list intruders to face disqualification cases from genuine party-list groups

Partido ng Manggagawa
25 February 2010

The labor party-list group Partido ng Manggagawa (PM) today said Mikey Arroyo, energy secretary Angelo Reyes and other party-list intruders will face tons of disqualification cases before the courts once their names appear in the list of party-list nominees after the March 26 deadline.

The group said the template is ready for such cases since unlike before, the latest Supreme Court ruling on the party-list matter made it mandatory to publish the names of party-list nominees.

“Surely the list shall bare the Empress and her men’s new party-list clothes,” said PM Chair Renato Magtubo.

Reyes is reportedly one of the nominees of the party-list group 1-UTAK, while Mikey is preparing to make a ride on at least five party-list groups who are eyeing him as nominee. The Office of External Affairs of Malacanang and the administration party reportedly have organized several groups either as sectoral or regional parties to compete in the party-list system

PM on the other hand is preparing a watch-list of groups and persons identified with Malacanang to warn the public of the President’s impending take-over of the House of Representatives.

The group insists that these bogus party-list groups are mere part of the bigger plot to extend the regime of plunder and failed governance.

PM said Mikey Arroyo and Angie Reyes, aside from being patently not marginalized, are examples of failed governance specifically in the power industry with the people still reeling from the most expensive power rates in the world and facing yet another power crisis in the near future. Arroyo chairs the energy committee in the House while Reyes heads the DOE.

Further, as a union leader and former party-list representative, Magtubo said the mockery of the party-list system by the same persons who benefited much from the people power uprisings is one of the biggest absurdities of this post-Edsa democracy that the country is celebrating today.

“The 1987 Constitution gave us, the real marginalized sectors, token representation of 20% in Congress. Not only were the elite powers made it hard for the real majority like us to be represented in Congress. Now the Arroyo clique even craves to raid the two-cents that the marginalized hardly ever had,” added Magtubo.

The group claims that the raiding of the party-list system by the Arroyo clique started in 2004 with the entry of palace-back party-list groups and became very pronounced in 2007 with an Arroyo having been elected representative of the party-list group Kasangga.

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